The school had to be canceled because of the corona virus epidemy

To our sincere regret, we decided to cancel the School on Hodge theory and Shimura varieties because of the corona epidemy, and the restrictions related to it.

School on Hodge Theory and Shimura Varieties

Essen, August 10 - 14, 2020

Mini-courses by Matt Kerr, Andreas Mihatsch, Colleen Robles

plus a couple of research talks.

Conference venue

Hörsaalzentrum R14
Universität Duisburg-Essen
45127 Essen


Ulrich Görtz
Daniel Greb


School canceled due to corona epidemy
June 4, 2020

During the last few months the corona epidemy has inflicted serious restrictions on all of us. At this point, it seems clear that - unfortunately - it will not be possible to hold the school in Essen in a reasonable way.

We therefore with much regret decided to cancel the School on Hodge theory and Shimura varieties.

We thought about moving to an online format instead, but it appears to us that we would lose too many of the core features of a summer school: people getting to know others, learning and discussing in small groups, etc.

While at the moment it is too early to make definitive plans, it is certain that we will have other summer schools in Essen in the future. We hope to see you at one of those, and for the moment, we very much hope that you are holding up well in these troubling times, and wish you all the best.

Alert: Hotel scam
Jan. 14, 2020
In the past few months, participants of several math conferences and schools have been approached (often by phone) by some "agency" asserting to be involved with the hotel reservation and requesting credit card information and the signing of some electronic document. No such agency has been commissioned by us. We will contact you via email (from addresses or We will not ask for credit card numbers or other payment details. Please do not hesitate to check back with us if there is anything you are unsure about.
Registration is open
Jan. 14, 2020
Registration for the summer school is now open. We are looking forward to seeing you in Essen!